What You Need to Know About Adult Ballet Classes and Where to Attend One in Toronto

Chan Hon Goh is a former prima ballerina. She is also the director of 2 Goh Ballet studios in Vancouver. A studio in Bayview Village in North York had recently officially opened making it the first Goh Ballet studio in Toronto.

Upon arriving, you will notice the minimalist and fresh vibe of the studio. Therefore, you can feel calm upon walking through the studio’s doors. The adult ballet classes focus on beginner positions and live classical music played on the piano. It can relieve the everyday stress and rush after a long day at work.

Moreover, the classes give your body a unique workout. Attending them can make your body stronger and your muscles more toned. Adult ballet classes are highly recommended if you want to improve your balance, flexibility, and posture in a peaceful environment.

Goh Ballet has a lot of ballet and dance classes not only for adults but for kids as well. There is no reason not to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Besides having a healthier body, ballet classes can help you express yourself in a different form. That is why you better try their classes now.