A Toronto Barber Shop Owner Asks to Allow Them to Operate as Black Market Salons Begin to Flourish

A barbershop owner from Toronto is requesting the Province to allow all barbershops and hair salons to operate since the stay-at-home order is going to be lifted. According to Peter Gosling, one of the owners of Glassbox, many people opt to get an illegal haircut now. Glassbox has 5 locations in Canada and has an academy for aspiring barbers.

He added that a lot of people are going to people’s homes to have a haircut which puts their health at risk and possible transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Many residents in Toronto drive long miles just to get their hair cut. Some just go to York Region.

The black market continuously thrives, so many people do not follow the health protocols set by the regional health department. Gosling said that many legal barbershops and salons had to close down because of the rules set by the Province.

Aside from health dangers, the services from black market salons do not have tax. Therefore, they can earn and get assistance from the government. He said that this is unfair to those who comply and operate their businesses legally. If the government does not act soon, he said this will become worse. He stressed that all salons and barbershops should be allowed to open since people are willing to go anywhere to be groomed.