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How Can Face Yoga Improve my Skin?

You probably had more time to watch TV or scroll down on your social media accounts because of the pandemic. Therefore, you might have noticed puffiness and dullness that you did not have before. After wearing a mask for a long time, you might have seen some mask acne.
During online meetings, you might spend time looking at your face and thought of a beauty procedure to resolve your current skin issues. If you do not want to go under the knife, you can try face yoga and massage.
FaceGym was launched in the UK in 2016. In 2018, it was brought to North America. It has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Manchester, London. …


What You Need to Know About Antimicrobial Beauty Items

Have you thought about cleaning your makeup? If not, it is time to know what antimicrobial beauty items and see if you need this kind of product.
Because of the pandemic, you might have tried purchasing a lot of sanitizing products such as wipes and hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer industry also covers soaps and cleansers. In 2026, it is expected that the industry will grow continuously and reach the anticipated earnings of $17.2 billion.
Therefore, a lot of beauty brands released their hand sanitizers when the pandemic hit. Famous drugstore brands such as Dove and CTZN Cosmetics do not only try to get into the hand …


Becca Cosmetics to Close Because of the Pandemic

Becca Cosmetics is known for its highlighters. Sadly, it has not escaped the effects of the global pandemic. Last February 24, the beauty company announced that it will permanently close in September 2021.
According to the company’s statement, the business had a tough time withstanding the challenges and the impact of the pandemic. Therefore, the decision was made to close down the company by the end of September 2021.
The brand’s statement was positive and inspirational. It tells people to continue believing in themselves and the beauty within them by sharing the light they have to the world. They also mentioned that …