A Toronto Resident Creates Vertical Gardens for Condos

If you live in a small condo in Toronto and want to care for plants, it is possible to have that green thumb even in your small space. Michael Giel, who owns Made by Mikey, can create a vertical garden that is big enough on a condo balcony. Nevertheless, it is enough to grow your chosen herbs or flowers.

Giel has a garden of his own at Parkdale. He lives with his partner in an apartment. One summer day, they were able to produce 22 jars of pesto from the basil they have at home. With a height of 40 inches and a width of 26 inches, the vertical gardens can drain by themselves through the compartments which makes it possible for roots to grow downwards by 7 inches.

He created these vertical gardens to be small enough to be grown on condo balconies. Even though they are not enough to grow tomatoes, you can plant most peppers, chives, oregano, and arugula. When you think of the space you will care for these, you can say that this innovation is impressive.

Giel is not only a craftsman but also an actor. He creates storage solutions, furniture, and frames from his home. He has been in the vertical gardens business for 3 years. When he started to advertise his gardens online, he said that the response was very positive.