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Street Style Influencers in Canada That You Should Follow on Instagram

Today, fashion is not heavily focused on avant-garde clothes. Street style is gaining more and more popularity. Since people’s styles evolve continuously, fashion brands have adjusted to the changes. There are Instagram influencers who successfully embraced the street style. If you want inspiration, you should check some of them out.



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Hawley is the editor-in-chief and founder of Sidewalk Hustle, a lifestyle website. You can see him with the latest pieces from different brands such as Anti-Social Social Club and Chanel on social media. She blends her style well whether she is walking around the city or attending a music festival.


If you are familiar with Toronto’s street style and sneaker community, you have likely heard of this Instagram influencer. You will have a lot of rare pieces from Supreme on his account. Any Supreme collector will be amazed at his photos. You can also see him in various brands such as Bape and Fear of God. He also has his line of shirts called This Is Not Supreme. The line is an inspiration for the box logo designs of Supreme.



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Some people like to make an effort to incorporate their sporty style into everyday fashion. One of them is Anna. Aside from integrating a lot of pieces from Nike Performance in her outfits, she also embodies street style with pieces from Champion and Levi’s.



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Ruby can carry any style from the latest pieces from Off-White to vintage shirts. If you are into men’s or women’s clothing, you will enjoy browsing her account. Because of her unique style, you will be inspired to step up your street style fashion.