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Street Style

Top Instagram Accounts That Will Revamp Your Style

Instagram has become a pivotal platform for style enthusiasts, designers, and influencers alike. The reason? It’s a visually driven space where the best of the best showcase their personal style, latest finds, and fashion-forward thinking. In the quest for influence, accumulating Instagram followers has become a modern metric of success, reflecting not just personal style but also the ability to captivate and engage a growing audience.
By following some of the top style accounts on the platform, you’ll …

Street Style

Street Style Influencers in Canada That You Should Follow on Instagram

Today, fashion is not heavily focused on avant-garde clothes. Street style is gaining more and more popularity. Since people’s styles evolve continuously, fashion brands have adjusted to the changes. There are Instagram influencers who successfully embraced the street style. If you want inspiration, you should check some of them out.

Street Style

Cherry Blossom Street Style Inspirations from High Park

People who have recently browsed on Instagram might have seen the cherry blossom craze in Toronto. The outfits taken with the beautiful cherry blossom trees need to be more amped up than the usual everyday style.
Here are some of the most notable looks we have seen and liked at the High Park. We hope you can find inspiration with this when spring comes.

You can go for a 1970s-inspired, sunny day, and chill style by wearing a brown jacket, white long dress, and black boots.
If you wear a shirt and jeans at work, you can spruce it up by wearing a jacket buttoned up and comfortable but statement sneakers. You can …

Street Style

Stylish Face Masks to Check Out in Toronto

If you are starting to get bored with wearing medical-grade face masks, you can opt for multi-layered and natural-fiber face masks instead. These provide enough protection when you go to a supermarket or walk around your neighborhood. Here are some of the face mask stores in Toronto worth checking out.
This Toronto-based store has handmade masks made from recycled African cloth. The brand was created to help the communities in Tanzania that were affected by the pandemic. 10% of every mask the store sells go to wildlife conservation. When you visit their website, you can also donate masks to poor children in Africa…