Street Style

Cherry Blossom Street Style Inspirations from High Park

People who have recently browsed on Instagram might have seen the cherry blossom craze in Toronto. The outfits taken with the beautiful cherry blossom trees need to be more amped up than the usual everyday style.

Here are some of the most notable looks we have seen and liked at the High Park. We hope you can find inspiration with this when spring comes.

  • You can go for a 1970s-inspired, sunny day, and chill style by wearing a brown jacket, white long dress, and black boots.
  • If you wear a shirt and jeans at work, you can spruce it up by wearing a jacket buttoned up and comfortable but statement sneakers. You can go for a monochromatic look as well.
  • You can try wearing comfortable A-line dresses.
  • To feel more special and catch other people‘s attention, you can add an interesting accent such as a small stuffed bear to one of your or both your shoes.
  • You can also wear bright, baggy, and oversized clothes.
  • If you are more into the minimalist and modern vibe, it is okay not to be playful with colors since the cherry blossoms add a pop of color to your photos.
  • Men’s clothing does not only need to be comfortable. You can also make it feminine. You can wear a men’s pajama top and put over a denim jacket for a spring feel.
  • You can also go for a bohemian look by incorporating lace, silk, vintage leather, and embroidery in your outfit.