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T-shirts are a must-have in most women’s wardrobe because of how comfortable and stylish. As mentioned here, They also give a soft vibe feeling and can be matched with any cloth.
There are many ways that one can style up and look fashionable by wearing t-shirts. Some of the most remarkable ways of wearing t-shirts include;

A Tracksuit

T-shirts can be worn perfectly with a tracksuit, especially when working out or going for a walk. Besides, you can style it up by wearing diamond or copper-coated earrings and a necklace to make you stand out. If you …

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A Toronto Resident Creates Vertical Gardens for Condos

If you live in a small condo in Toronto and want to care for plants, it is possible to have that green thumb even in your small space. Michael Giel, who owns Made by Mikey, can create a vertical garden that is big enough on a condo balcony. Nevertheless, it is enough to grow your chosen herbs or flowers.
Giel has a garden of his own at Parkdale. He lives with his partner in an apartment. One summer day, they were able to produce 22 jars of pesto from the basil they have at home. With a height of 40 inches and a width of 26 inches, the vertical gardens can drain by themselves through the compartments which makes it possible for roots…

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Rose-Shape Candles by Toronto Sisters Sell Out After TikTok Fame

3 sisters can sell out their rose-shaped candles because of the fame their candles made on Tiktok. Sundus, Suroor, and Sarah Aziz are the owners of these candles. They are in their 20s and all grew up in Toronto. Their rose-shaped candles, Blush Candles, are starting to get attention abroad.
Their videos on TikTok garnered millions of views. Their account also has more than 160,000 followers. They sell a single rose candle for $9 6 rose candles for $48. Their inspiration for their business began in their childhood.
Growing up, they said that they always received a bouquet of fresh roses on special occasions such as birthdays…

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A Toronto Barber Shop Owner Asks to Allow Them to Operate as Black Market Salons Begin to Flourish

A barbershop owner from Toronto is requesting the Province to allow all barbershops and hair salons to operate since the stay-at-home order is going to be lifted. According to Peter Gosling, one of the owners of Glassbox, many people opt to get an illegal haircut now. Glassbox has 5 locations in Canada and has an academy for aspiring barbers.
He added that a lot of people are going to people’s homes to have a haircut which puts their health at risk and possible transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Many residents in Toronto drive long miles just to get their hair cut. Some just go to York Region.
The black market continuously…

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What You Need to Know About Adult Ballet Classes and Where to Attend One in Toronto

Chan Hon Goh is a former prima ballerina. She is also the director of 2 Goh Ballet studios in Vancouver. A studio in Bayview Village in North York had recently officially opened making it the first Goh Ballet studio in Toronto.
Upon arriving, you will notice the minimalist and fresh vibe of the studio. Therefore, you can feel calm upon walking through the studio’s doors. The adult ballet classes focus on beginner positions and live classical music played on the piano. It can relieve the everyday stress and rush after a long day at work.
Moreover, the classes give your body a unique workout. Attending them can make your body…

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How to Make DIY Face Mask

Even though they do not have symptoms of Covid-19, people need to wear a face mask so that they can protect the people around them. This is more crucial in places where social distancing is hard to follow such as supermarkets and public transportation. Continue reading to learn how to make a face mask at home.
What You Need:

A bandana or scarf
2 hair ties or elastic bands
Optional: paper towel, kitchen roll, or a coffee filter

This is the easiest way to make a DIY face mask since it mostly involves folding your bandana or scarf. You need to make sure that you have the right bandana or …

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MDMA-Assisted Therapy: Can It Help Treat Anorexia?

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies or MAPS is trying to find out in a new study if this is possible. The efficacy and safety of MDMA-assisted therapy are still being explored. In Canada, it has not been approved as a method of treatment for any medical condition.
Ronan Levy, the founder of Field Trip Health which is a mental wellness company in Canada, stated that there have been previous studies showing the possibility of using MDMA-assisted therapy in treating PTSD. The Toronto location of the company has been selected as one of the sites for the trial study.
This therapy utilizes psychedelic …

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How Can Face Yoga Improve my Skin?

You probably had more time to watch TV or scroll down on your social media accounts because of the pandemic. Therefore, you might have noticed puffiness and dullness that you did not have before. After wearing a mask for a long time, you might have seen some mask acne.
During online meetings, you might spend time looking at your face and thought of a beauty procedure to resolve your current skin issues. If you do not want to go under the knife, you can try face yoga and massage.
FaceGym was launched in the UK in 2016. In 2018, it was brought to North America. It has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Manchester, London. …

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What You Need to Know About Antimicrobial Beauty Items

Have you thought about cleaning your makeup? If not, it is time to know what antimicrobial beauty items and see if you need this kind of product.
Because of the pandemic, you might have tried purchasing a lot of sanitizing products such as wipes and hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer industry also covers soaps and cleansers. In 2026, it is expected that the industry will grow continuously and reach the anticipated earnings of $17.2 billion.
Therefore, a lot of beauty brands released their hand sanitizers when the pandemic hit. Famous drugstore brands such as Dove and CTZN Cosmetics do not only try to get into the hand …

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Becca Cosmetics to Close Because of the Pandemic

Becca Cosmetics is known for its highlighters. Sadly, it has not escaped the effects of the global pandemic. Last February 24, the beauty company announced that it will permanently close in September 2021.
According to the company’s statement, the business had a tough time withstanding the challenges and the impact of the pandemic. Therefore, the decision was made to close down the company by the end of September 2021.
The brand’s statement was positive and inspirational. It tells people to continue believing in themselves and the beauty within them by sharing the light they have to the world. They also mentioned that …

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