Wednesday, September 13, 2017

TIFF Talk 2017: Rocio, "A Fantastic Woman"

Name: Rocio from Toronto

The Film: A Fantastic Woman (Chile)

What's it about?

[After her partner unexpectedly passes away, a transgender woman clashes with his disapproving family.]

Did you like it?

I really liked it. It's very moving. It's set in Santiago, Chile where Trans women are not seen as real women. The situation in Santiago is not the greatest for the trans community. Society there is very religious and highly Catholic -- so seeing a film for and by LGBT people from Latin America is very powerful.

Some audiences will find it shocking or intense. It has some violent scenes, but it's an eye-opener to the realities of many women in South America.

Daniela Vega, the lead actress, gave a wonderful performance and I hope that she reaps all the benefits of that. I feel that the art community in Santiago loves to tell stories like this one, but it hasn't fully embraced the LGBT lifestyle. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

A Fantastic Woman is in theatres beginning November 17th.


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