Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cath: The Last Summer Shoot

Now that we're posting our last summer photo-shoot, summer is officially over for the blog, and to help us mark the occasion, Cath strikes several poses in this glorious black and white pictorial.

Last year, we featured Cath AKA Hourglass Cath in our Blogger Spotlight where she opened up about her struggles with body image and bullying. Since then, she married her fiancé, Christopher, and has been happier than ever, but recently, she's been conflicted about something.

"I've been conflicted about my career in advertising and modelling," she shares. 

Last year, Cath acknowledged that she would never wager her career in advertising to pursue modelling; however, her rising success as a model has led her to that proverbial crossroad.

"I truly love advertising, its fast-paced nature and the people I work with, but it can be all-consuming. It's hard for me to accommodate both careers. I don't believe in basing my livelihood on my outward appearance; however, modelling is something I love doing and I love being a part of the positive body image movement."

"Do I quit my advertising gig and get a more flexible job that will allow me to model, or pass up this amazing opportunity and wonder: what if? What I had to ask myself was: will I regret not trying to make it work, or will I just cause myself undue stress at my current job? My ultimate decision was: what do I have to lose in trying?"

"Once I was committed to my decision, my work was willing to be flexible; which, I am forever grateful for. I am blessed with an amazing boss who appreciates my passion [for modelling]." 

Recently, Cath signed with B&M Models. "I just completed my first booking modelling for Nygard Slims at the Toronto Women's Show!" 

Looks like that wager is already paying off.

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