Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Caroline: My style is cool, calm and casual. The triple "C". I like to dress according to how I feel. My style is very governed by what is typically associated with male fashion. I've always liked to wear loose clothing. As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate my femininity, which is mostly shown in my face, jewellery and by the way I style my hair. I like to wear kicks, baggy pants and t-shirts. That's when I feel sexiest -- not when I'm wearing a skirt. I feel strong this way and that's when I feel more beautiful.

TorontoVerve: You're a photographer. How would you describe your creative work?

Caroline: It's raw. I always want to capture realism. When I see a photo, I want to be able to feel that I know that person -- like I'm almost getting emotionally attached. I prefer to do portraits and doc-style. Something that conveys a story -- something real. I'm not into the bravado or what you see in most magazines. I think the photos in advertisements are awesome, but they don't make me want to buy clothes. However, sometimes they make me want to put on make-up and cuddle with a guy at the beach.

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