Friday, August 29, 2014


Steven: "This is my casual Friday dinner jacket look -- nothing too over the top."

TorontoVerve: "The last time I shot your street style, you said that your look was inspired by James Bond. Is the Bond thing happening today or is it someone else?"

Steven: "I would say it's George Clooney. He's very suave. He doesn't need to show off. He's ok with being on his own. He's the ultimate bachelor. I know he's getting married now, but he's still the ultimate bachelor and I like to look to him for fashion."

TorontoVerve: "Like Clooney, do you want to live the ultimate bachelor lifestyle?"

Steven: "When I heard he was getting married, he kinda let me down (laughs). But it shows that you can get married even later in life. Love conquers all."

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