Saturday, August 2, 2014


Yes, it may be Caribana weekend, but in these street style photos, Jaicyea is actually suited up to perform for Kensington Market's Pedestrian Sunday crowd.

Jaicyea: "My style is typically a cross between bohemian chic and skater, but today I'm wearing a traditional Oriental-Egyptian belly dancing costume."

TorontoVerve: "What do you like the most about belly dancing?"

Jaicyea: "Dancing gives me an opportunity to experience performance art in a whole new light. My set is a very raw and improvised street performance, which I believe can prepare you to tackle any stage!"

TorontoVerve: "If there was a celebrity who could play you in a film about your life, who would it be and why?"

Jaicyea: "Lisa Bonet because she's a free spirit, wild and forever young. I love her so much."

Jaicyea is the editor and writer of We in the Pocket - a blog devoted to Toronto artists, music and culture. Check it out!

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