Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Jenna: "Am I allowed to swear?"

TorontoVerve: "Sure. Go ahead."

Jenna: "My style is f@%ing weird. I have tons of clothes and I just put on whatever I feel like. Today I felt like tying a scarf into my braid instead of wearing it as an actual scarf. I'm not super high-end, which is very good. I just try to be different. I really love the 90's. At one point I was really into 90210 -- not the new one but the really old old one. Now I'm more into Ann Marie Hoang's style. She's also known as Master of Disguise on Instagram.  She's a huge babe and she dresses like amazing. I try to appropriate from her sometimes."

TorontoVerve: "What's your favourite memory in life?

Jenna: "One time my friend asked me what was my biggest adventure was and I answered, 'being in love.' That was a good memory."

TorontoVerve: "So I take it the adventure didn't last?"

Jenna: "It does with different things. It carries on from thing to thing -- not just person to person. Like 'I'm in love with this, I'm in love with that and I'm in love with you.' It keeps going. Once you learn how to love, you can't undo it."

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