Sunday, July 13, 2014


Cleo: "My style has no primary colours. They're too garish. I'm influenced by a Jewish rapper from New York named Despot. He's the most stylish man in the world. He inspires me to go out there and take the next step. He looks amazing all the time."

TorontoVerve: "I see you're taking photos today."

Cleo: "Yes. This is my Pentax K-1000. It's straight film -- no digital. I had a blog for a while, but then I hurt my back and I couldn't take pictures for a long time. I'm sorta getting back into it."

TorontoVerve: "What kind of photos do you take?"

Cleo: "Street photography. People. Situations. I like small, quaint everyday ironies."

Check out Cleo's charming ironies on her website The Photographic Abject.

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  1. There is always something romantically urban about a streetside fair or market. The collage of colors and shapes - asphalt and concrete; all part of the urban texture. As for what constitutes 'stylish'? (sic), presence and poise - those are some of the elements of the impressions we all make and hopefully, successfully, leave behind. The man seated on the ground in the backgroud may be the most imposing figure in this photo vignette. He almost looks like he is part of the montage of figures rising from a crouch? Part of an accidental triptych?