Monday, December 30, 2013

Maddie & Oona

Maddie (left): "My style is Courtney Love (lead singer of Hole) revamped in 2013. I love offending people with my clothing and Courtney's so offensive with everything she does -- it makes people feel uncomfortable and that's great."

TorontoVerve: "And what is it about people's discomfort that attracts you?"

Maddie: "It makes you feel more like an outsider and I love that feeling."

Oona (right): "My style is different everyday. My grandmother inspires me. She keeps it real. She doesn't care what she looks like."

TorontoVerve: "What do you love the most about 2013?"

Maddie: "Well, I truly love this girl right here…"

Oona: "We met this year."

Maddie: "We met at Nuit Blanche at Dundas Square. We talked about f**king the system and we had an instant connection."

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