Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Victorian: Steampunk Goth

"My style is goth mixed with steampunk. Actor Johnny Depp and singer Marilyn Manson inspire me. Depp has that GQ look but with that bad boy attitude and Manson also has that GQ look but with a gothic tinge."


  1. A beautiful guy who has obviously made a couple of really bad decisions. This aggravates me beyond belief.

  2. Annoying how people throw out the word 'Steampunk' for fashion. There is not an iota of that genre in anything this man is wearing.

  3. you downtalk this guy but really you don't know what lead to what you call "mistakes"or the fact this man is a professional model. or the fact that tho he may not be showing steampunk fashion in his look at the time of this picture . but he may very well incorporate it more when he not working or out at parties. personally i love his look i think its unique and different and i like it . compared to the sameness of most of toronto