Monday, November 26, 2012

Spiro Mandylor: "James Bond Villain"

"My style is contemporary with a little bit of James Bond villain.  I think it's imposing -- a little threatening at times.  I don't think overbearing, but I think other people may perceive it that way. I'm 240 pounds and 6'2 -- no matter what I wear, it's going to have some kind of effect on people."

Spiro has a popular style blog called It's All Style to Me.

"I cover a lot of fashion news -- big events, new collections and a little bit of street style. Mainly men's wear, but women's style as well."

When I asked how Toronto men's fashion stacked up to other cities around the world, Spiro was optimistic: "Toronto fashion is quite good -- especially in the downtown core. I think we stand on good footing when compared to cities such as New York, London, Milan and Paris. We got some pretty stylish guys here. More so than in the past 5 years. They're really upping their game big time."

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