Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TIFF 2012: Alex Williams, Laura Wheelwright and Anthony LaPaglia in "Underground"

[Pictured above: Actors Alex Williams & Laura Wheelwright) 

Underground is the intriguing unauthorized biopic of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when he was just a teenage computer hacker living with his mom. Armed with a Commodore 64, a young Assange easily broke into banks' and government firewalls searching for sensitive information -- not for profit, but for fun. However, the fun is short-lived when he's hunted by a determined police detective (LaPaglia), who's hot on his heels. It's a cat & mouse game that further heats up when the boy discovers a major US government cover-up after hacking into the Pentagon.

Underground is the Wargames of a new generation. It's thrilling, funny and provides great insight into the young hacker's complicated early life.

Newcomer Alex Williams does a wonderful job portraying a young Assange and Anthony LaPaglia is engaging as Dectective Roberts.

Underground is sure to please both the techie and non-techie types.

There is no theatrical release date at this time.

[Pictured above: Actor Anthony LaPaglia]

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