Friday, August 10, 2012

Myles Sexton: Middle-Eastern Inspiration

"My style is Indian inspired.  I took the traditional sari look and gave it a modern-day feel.  I've always been obsessed with the Middle-East.  I love androgyny and maybe people don't traditionally see it, but I feel there's a lot of androgyny within Middle-Eastern fashion."

Myles is a model & jewellery designer.  Check out his creations on his website.

"You'll see my modelling photos, jewellery design, videos and blog.  Everything I'm doing."


  1. Myles is truly inspiring - he has taken creative expression to the level of art form, and he has the most fabulous hair.

  2. Myles is everything!!!!!!!! His soft heart full of goodness along with his unconditional love of life is read on each step he takes. There's no doubt that he's fully ready to continue this path full of challenges by making a big positive difference towards better and greater!