Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Molly: 'Giant Fur Hat & Fringe'

"I try to have as much fun as I can with my style.  What inspires me are giant fur hats and fringe -- anything that keeps me warm."


  1. Hey Nigel - The angle of the first shot could almost allow you to imagine a unicycle and with that brilliant, shockingly bright colored coat and the fringe scarf your subject could be a Wallenda of the roads. Those cross-crossing wires in the sky could be a network of circus top (topless here) high wires for a tightrope ballet? Tram wires no doubt but all the same...All that's missing is some accompanying audio with a smooth toned barker announcing that, "high a-top this centre ring, before your very eyes, a death defying beautiful sky rider for you entertainment, thrill and enjoyment..."

    Beautiful stuff man! The luckiest ones are those who are always on both sides of your lenses...

  2. jdit: Once again your creative insight has left me speechless...Thank you.