Sunday, November 28, 2010


"My pants are Ben Sherman. Coat -- I bought in France and my shirt is from China -- cashmere."


  1. This post and the previous are starting to sound like red carpet run downs of 'what I'm wearing'. Interesting but seems out of the character of the candids concept. Just something noticed.

    Love the way you make the urban -scape of Toronto come alive in the background of the subjects. Even in close ups the city has an integral place. Wonderful land-marking!

  2. jdit: Thank you for noticing the subtle differences on my blog. Lately I have been posting what people are wearing in response to some followers' requests. I love photographing exciting street fashion using Toronto's beautiful landscape as the backdrop, and I'll admit that there has been little emphasis on 'what' the people are wearing.

    It's not a concept that will define TorontoVerve, but it's an occasional departure that will allow me to further engage with the people I photograph and better capture their personal style for those interested.

    Thanks again for your insightful comments. I always love getting feedback.

  3. Please keep up the engaging photography. I will drop in to check it out from time to time and send many your way as well!