Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annenberg Space for Photography: The Beauty & Culture Exhibit

While in LA, Dorothy and I visited the Annenberg Space for Photography's exhibit, Beauty & Culture -- an insightful exploration of the question: "what is female beauty?"

Society is constantly inundated with media images of modelesque beauty (tall, thin, busty, hourglass figure, flowing hair and full lips), which is often unattainable to most.

Through photographs, the exhibit examines the fascination with Marilyn Monroe, race and beauty, the obsession with the female form and the painful lengths that women go to look young and beautiful (a graphic photo of an open stomach during a tummy tuck procedure was particularly horrific).  Moreover, we learn the harmful effects of beauty worship on women's self-esteem in an engaging documentary, starring notable celebrities; including Jamie Lee Curtis who admits, "I don't get the lip thing (referring to collagen lip enhancement)."

The event is a great reminder (or eye-opener) to not be easily influenced by the media's perception of beauty but be content with ourselves.

The Beauty & Culture exhibit will be running at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA through to November 27th.

This lovely couple was just entering the exhibit as we were leaving and we just had to capture their happiness.

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  1. As lovely as the pictured couple are I wonder if the truly lovely ones were not actually the 'two' who, "...just had to capture their happiness..."

    Shoot on Nigel and Dorothy!

    Happy Pacific - coasting...