Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Faye & Cookie Monster at Woofstock

Dorothy recently visited Woofstock near St. Lawrence Market with our beloved Beagles, Boston and Bosley. Believe it or not, with camera in one hand and 2 leashes in the other, she managed to flawlessly shoot Faye & Cookie Monster at the event. She's a natural Garance Doré.


  1. Beautiful.
    Funny back-story to this picture.
    It's interesting the things we go thru to get the perfect shot considering the circumstances.

  2. Sorry - confused. FAYE is stunning. Dorothy is talented.

  3. I miss this event every year! Hopefully I will get my dates right next time. Cute pooch.

  4. So, you and Dorothy are the talent behind the lens...I love it. Faye is extraordinary beuatiful. Good work Dorothy!!

  5. hello i met faye at woofstock she took pictures of my dog zeus, we talked, we met again we talked, yes faye is perfect hopefully i will meet her again.