Sunday, September 17, 2017

TIFF Talk: Laurie, "Village Rockstars"

Name: Laurie from Toronto

The Film: Village Rockstars (India)

What's it about? 

It's a coming of age film about a young Indian girl who wants nothing more than to become a rock star. The only problem is her widowed mother can't afford to buy her a real guitar.

Did you like it?

I loved the film. It sort of played like a doc in so many ways. It has patient storytelling and you forgot that there was a film crew and a director directing actors because it felt so incredibly authentic. I don't want to give too much away, but this child learns the value of hanging onto a dream despite the fact that society around her believes it's not a girl's place to dream about being a rock star. She also gets berated for climbing trees with boys. It's a film that spoke to the little rebel and rock star in me. The story is reminiscent of my younger days running around wanting to do things that were traditionally male-oriented. I was especially moved by the mother/daughter relationship and how the mother supported her daughter's dreams.

Village Rockstars currently has no official release date.



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