Friday, September 8, 2017

TIFF Talk 2017: Stacey McKenzie, "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami"

Name: Model Stacey McKenzie

The Film: Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (UK)

What's it about?

Documentary based on the life of singer/model Grace Jones.

Did you like it?

I thought it was amazing. It was so raw and real. She didn't hold back. She said in the Q&A that she's usually in control of her image because she's vain, but in the film she just let loose. I really liked that about her. I liked seeing Grace's vulnerable side and not just the persona that we usually see on stage and in pictures.

Grace Jones always meant the world to me because growing up in Kingston, Jamaica and not looking and sounding like the typical black chick, she was the one that I was able to relate to. For me, seeing her pursue her dreams and make it despite [all the odds] inspired me to reach my dreams and goals.

[During the Q&A], when I went on stage to meet her, she recognized me. 10 years ago in Vienna, I actually walked with her for a show and got to hang out with her for the day. We haven't seen each other since. Seeing her again tonight and to be able to tell her how much she's changed my life and the lives for many black girls and people in general was great. It might have been tacky, but I had to go for it. This was my one chance. I knew it was a sign when the interviewer asked, "Are there any Jamaicans here?" It was the perfect opportunity.

I previously captured Stacey's cool street style 7 years ago.

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