Saturday, September 16, 2017

TIFF Talk 2017: Richelle, "Sammy Davis Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me"

Name: Richelle from Toronto

The Film: Sammy Davis Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me (USA)

What's it about? 

A documentary based on the life and times of performer Sammy Davis Jr.

Did you like it?

I loved it. There were lots of things that I didn't know about Sammy Davis Jr. and I, like many, made several assumptions about him. Maybe we should feel a little ashamed about that because he did open a lot of doors for People of Colour in the entertainment industry. I think that his legacy will definitely live on. The movie captured the essence of who he was.

I'll be honest. As a Black woman, I did have some of the same views that he was a "sell out". He was often the butt of the joke with his affiliation with the Brat Pack -- the uncle tom, etc. etc. Also his marriages to White women impacted how he was received in the Black community.

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm glad that I came to the screening. It's really challenged my thinking of who he was. Audiences will love it. For those who don't know his story, they're going to be amazed and impressed. For those who already know Davis' history, they're also going to be amazed and impressed.

Sammy Davis Jr: I've Gotta Be Me will be released sometime next year.


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