Monday, March 27, 2017


How important is fashion when auditioning for acting parts? I asked Alysa King, star of indie-horror hits Berkshire County and Bed of the Dead

Alysa King: Fashion is huge. When I read a script, I have a mental image of what the character is like and I always wear something to suggest who they are. I usually don't go full out because you're never quite sure what the casting director is looking for. I'm going to audition for a police officer soon so I'm not going to wear a pink sweater. I'm going to wear something that's more tactical with dark tones.

TorontoVerve: 2016 was a successful year for you with the Slasher series, Bed of the Dead and Holy Hell. What does that kind of success mean to you?

AK: As an actor, you're always looking for the next project so it's sometimes hard to live in the moment and appreciate your success. Slasher is on Netflix now so I usually hear, "Hey, I saw that! You were really great!" It's neat to get that kind of feedback from people. That's what it's all about for me.

TV: In Holy Hell (NSFW trailer), your character is quite racy; which is a huge departure from your other roles. What kind of response did you get from your fans?

AK: [Laughs] Amy is outrageous and completely over the top. When [director] Ryan LaPlante and I set out to do this character, we went balls to the wall and had fun with it. I really didn't know how people were going to receive her. I thought maybe I was going to get a lot of hate mail because the humour is so offensive, but it's done very well at festivals. Apparently, many people share our dark sense of humour; which, both pleases and surprises me.

TV: What's the best advice you've received?

AK: My grandpa told me it's not worth getting upset over the little things in life. It's best to look at the bigger picture and appreciate the people who are in our life because we never know when they're going to be there or not.

Alysa will soon be seen in the comedy series Fare Trade and the creature-feature Hunter's Moon, starring Colm Feore.

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