Saturday, September 10, 2016

TIFF Talk 2016: Tara, "Free Fire"

Name: Tara from Calgary

The Film: Free Fire (United Kingdom)

What's it about?

It's about a deal gone wrong and getting out alive.

Did you like it?

I like what director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field in England) said about the film: it's action that you actually enjoy. It's not like "boom, crash" for no apparent reason. The people are shooting for a reason and I love that they miss because that's reality. I loved it.

The film's violence was real. That's what happens when a bullet ricochets and hits you in the head. I like the 70's costumes, hair and accessories -- like the sunglasses. I think the wardrobe gives you a lot of insight into their characters more so than their dialogue.

I think it will definitely appeal to a large audience. I have friends who chose not to come see the film because it's Ben Wheatley and they didn't necessary enjoy his last one (High-Rise). My argument to them was, "you know what? I've gone to see movies from directors that I love and I didn't like some of them. If someone that I love can do something that I don't like, then someone I don't necessarily like might make something I do like. It all depends on the cast, the script and the story. Sometimes, just take off the blinders and go see a movie. If you like an actor in it, who cares who the director is. If you like the director, don't worry about who's in it.

I liked Brie Larson's performance. I've enjoyed her since The United States of Tara. I love that she got her big break last year with Room. I like that's she's getting more great roles. She's the only female in the film. For me, I think she had the right eyes. She had more eye dialogue than actual dialogue. She pulled it off.

Free Fire Red Band Trailer

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