Friday, September 16, 2016

TIFF Talk 2016: Nikki & Alexandra, "Below Her Mouth"

Name: Nikki (Left) & Alexandra (Right) from Toronto

The Film: Below Her Mouth (Canada)

What's it about?

[Two very different women, Dallas (Erika Linder) and Jasmine (Natalie Krill), fall in love with each other and completely turn their lives upside down.]

Alexandra: It was a story about love. The characters discovered new things within themselves because they found each other.

Nikki: It was also about courage. Learning to be true to yourself and not being afraid to show the world who you really are.

Did you like it?

Alexandra: I loved it so much. I went through a lot of emotions from start to finish in terms of their journey. Everything from the cinematography, the direction and the writing was great. In the Q&A, I was surprise to learn that it was filmed chronologically and I think that really helped in building the actresses' emotional connection.

Nikki: The film hits you right in your heart. I really felt for the characters because they were real and their emotions were raw. Both of them were very different people and they were following very different paths. Seeing them interact and trying to figure things out was neat.

Alexandra: I don't think that the infidelity in the film matters (Jasmine cheats on her fiancé Rile to be with her girlfriend Dallas). Are you being unfaithful when you're being unfaithful to yourself [by being in a loveless relationship]? Infidelity is inexcusable, but it's real life. People go through shit, they do shit and then they regret shit. Eventually, they figure it out and move on.

Nikki: Sometimes people do things that they're not proud of in order to find their way in becoming the person that they're meant to be.

Alexandra: Another reason that we wanted to see this film is because the filmmakers are all women.

Nikki: I'm proud of that. I think it's an incredible time for female artists and I hope that this film helps break that glass ceiling in the film industry.

Below Her Mouth will be released in theatres in February 2017.

Below Her Mouth trailer

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