Thursday, September 1, 2016


Beverley: My style is 1950's chic. The thing I love about the 50's is the silhouettes were very modest yet sexy. Audrey Hepburn did a movie called Funny Face and it's all about the fashion world. It takes place in Paris and going to Paris is one of my dreams. You see a lot of the beautiful silhouettes in that film. Women back then used to wear gloves a lot as well -- you would never see their bare hands; which I think is very delicate and sweet.

TorontoVerve: What's the best advice you've received in life?

Beverley: Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Working in the retail world, you never know what a person's situation is when they walk into your store, but as long as you're loving to that individual, they'll end up walking out with a smile. And that's what I want. I want them to have a great experience talking to Beverley.

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