Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Heather: My style is a mix of vintage rock ’n’ roll, classy and trashy. I have many influences — everything from cartoons, comic books, films and vintage pulp magazines. Veronica Lodge from Archie comics is a huge inspiration. She has the fiercest taste in style. Icons from the rock ’n’ roll 50s era like Elvis Presley and Bettie Page influence me. I really like the girls from the Russ Meyer films — that whole sort of trampy vixen look. I love the silhouettes of the 50’s — the feminine hourglass shapes and I adore the colours and the old novelty prints. To me, the 50’s represent teenage rebellion. I really like the excitement of that era.

I started dressing in vintage and rockabilly style in my early 20’s. I had to wear a uniform in high school. It was very boring and mundane. I definitely pushed the limits of the dress code then. I was into punk rock so I wore a Mohawk and had spiked hair. I also wore fishnets over my knee socks. I pushed the rules however I could while wearing the uniform. Sometimes, I got sent down to the principal’s office for not wearing the right coloured socks or nylons.

This red dress represents my good girl side. I teeter between good girl and bad girl depending on how I feel. If I’m going out at night, I’ll definitely wear something tighter.

After watching old movies from the 40's and 50's, I always fantasized about doing burlesque. I love the glamour and costumes. I  finally took the plunge when I came up with a name and an act. My stage name is Blue Suede Sue; which is a nod to Elvis Presley and the 50’s rockabilly era. She’s a lot more louder, exciting and showy than I am. I enjoy giving something to an audience. It helps me grow and learn more about myself as a person and a performer.

We previously captured Heather's rockabilly street style last summer.

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