Thursday, September 17, 2015

TIFF Talk 2015: Matt, "The Martian"

Name: Matt, Toronto

The Film: The Martian

What's it about?

Matt Damon gets left behind on Mars and has to science his way back home.

Did you like it?

I thought it was really good. It's very entertaining. It's surprisingly optimistic where it's a kind look at humanity and what we can do if we all work together. It's just fun. There's a lot of humour in it; which, you wouldn't expect -- given the dire circumstances in which Mr. Damon finds himself. I think that director Ridley Scott is getting more playful as he gets older. There's some stuff in the film that I would argue he wouldn't have tried 15 years ago. I think he's 80? It's great that this 80 year old man is this spry and willing to take chances.

Next screening:

Friday, September 18th at 6pm, Bell TIFF Lightbox 2, opens wide on October 2nd.

Matt Brown is a film reviewer. Check out his podcasts MAMO and Super Zero, and follow him on Twitter.

The Martian Trailer

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