Monday, September 14, 2015

TIFF Talk 2015: Jordan, "Baskin"

Name: Jordan, Miami

The Film: Baskin (Turkey)

What's it about?

Four Turkish cops stumble across a black mass and go to hell.

Did you like it?

It was alright. Baskin is what you would expect from Midnight Madness. I felt it was going for that whole Martyrs vibe -- that's a French horror movie that was also at Midnight Madness several years ago. I didn't think Baskin quite succeeded the way Martyrs did. I heard that it was adapted from a short film. I think it works better as a short film. The feature dragged quite a bit, but you go to Midnight Madness for the blood and guts and it has a lot of that.

Next screening:

Thursday, September 17th at 6pm, Scotiabank Theatre 4

Baskin Trailer

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