Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TIFF 2015: Karl Glusman, Star of Gaspar Noe's "Love"

It isn't a Gaspar Noé film (Irreversible, Enter the Void) if there aren't massive walks-outs, but last night's screening of his 3D sexual opus, Love, might have finally broken that trend. Much of the TIFF audience kept their seats to vigorously applaud the unconventional director for his unabashed erotic odyssey that boldly tests the bounds of a couple's (Karl Glusman and Aomi Muyock) love for each other. 

Noé's 17-year career of directing features has always been surrounded by controversy and public ire, and the director seems gleefully content with that. Love opens with the Palme d'Or insignia saying, "not in competition" and gives one last warning to sensitive audience members, who might already have one foot in the aisle for a quick getaway. Who knew Noé had a sense of humour?

Karl Glusman, the film's male lead, was also in attendance. "I hope you have as much fun with this film as we had making it," he mischievously said before the screening. Glusman, who's also at the festival for Stonewall, was all smiles last night after getting much love from the TIFF crowd.

TorontoVerve had a moment to speak with the up and coming (pun not intended, really) actor.

Karl Glusman: When I first read the outline for Love, Gaspar said on the first page how much he wanted to change cinema. It felt like we were going to try to change history or something. It felt important. My friend, [director] Roland Emmerich, said that he always wanted to make a movie like this. Gaspar said that Kubrick always wanted to make a movie like this, and I guess he came close with Eyes Wide Shut. Hopefully other filmmakers will feel the freedom to be bold like this.

TorontoVerve: Are you worried that your performance might be overshadowed by all the attention that the film's getting for its daring sexuality?

KG: It'll definitely be a focus. Whenever you put a c*ck in a movie, people tend to put a focus on it. Unfortunately.

Next screening:

Thursday, September 17th at 6pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

In addition to Emmerich's  Stonewall, Glusman will next appear in Nicolas Winding Refn's Neon Demon and begins shooting Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals with Jake Gyllenhaal next month.

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