Thursday, May 21, 2015


Dawn: "I am heavily informed by Scary Spice and Japanese street fashion. My style is an expression of my infinite divinity."

TorontoVerve: "I like the skulls on your dress."

Dawn: "It's a playful dress that makes fun of evil. I like the juxtaposition of neon into everyday life."

TorontoVerve: "What was the best advice you've received and from whom?"

Dawn: "The best advice I've received came directly from the universe. The universe said 'everything is everything -- it's all one. So just enjoy it. Even the ugly bits are filthy, delicious, disgusting and sexy in their own way.'"

TorontoVerve: "And how is that advice helping you in life?"

Dawn: "When you're no longer resistant to things, you can start appreciating and approaching them in a constructive way --- instead of out of fear, which is where most of the unnecessary anxieties of human life come from today."

Check out Dawn's website. "That's where you'll find a lot of my innovative insights."