Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TIFF Inspirations: Ripple

Opening Night Gala Presentation
UK, 2014
World Premiere
104 minutes - Colour
Cast: Alyssa Capriotti

Ever since she lost her husband and infant daughter in a fatal car crash, Heather Chilton has been binge drinking to alleviate her pain and suffering; however, the hard liquor and one night stands aren't enough to save her from the reality of her lonely existence.

After she's confronted by her family to seek help, she reluctantly sees a therapist who calms her nerves using hypnosis. Each night thereafter, the alternative therapy inexplicably causes Heather to dream the first 10 minutes of meeting her husband on a park bench. But is it really a dream? The new scar on her arm suggests otherwise. Somehow Heather is caught in a ripple time effect, causing her to actually relive the first time she ever met her husband.

Can Heather use her newly acquired power to bring her family back from the dead? Only time will tell and unfortunately for Heather, she doesn't have much of it, as the ripple progressively closes.

Ripple is an inspiring tale of hope and healing that is sure to win the hearts of audiences.

* This is my tribute to the Toronto International Film Festival. It is not a real film.

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