Saturday, September 6, 2014

TIFF Inspirations: Private Eyes

Private Eyes*

Special Presentation
UK/USA, 2014
North American Premiere
96 minutes - Colour
Cast: Heather BabcockHasan Reza Prescod  

After they quit their boring office jobs in Manchester, England, Noel and Joan make an obvious career choice: the private eye business. 

But later, chasing and photographing cheating spouses also prove to be unfulfilling and our heroes begin longing for their first big case. Enter the mysterious Mr. Black. He inexplicably hires the amateurs to find his deadbeat son-in-law who owes his daughter months of back child-support.

With a lot of luck, they surprisingly find their man, but when he turns out to be the key witness in Jimmy "the Butcher" Marcus' murder trial, things take a turn for the worse for Noel and Joan, who find themselves on the run after the witness winds up dead. 

To close loose ends, the mob puts out a hit on the bumbling duo who are poorly armed with just a hairpin and rusty starting pistol.

Will Noel and Joan survive the mob or end up killing each other? The answer will pleasantly surprise you.

Private Eyes is a hugely entertaining and hilarious spin on the old spy genre. 

*This is my tribute to the Toronto International Film Festival. It is not a real film.

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