Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Toronto Tweed Ride

Yesterday the downtown core was in a frenzy as the streets were filled with vintage wear, classic bikes and handlebar moustaches. That's right, it was the 2014 Toronto Tweed Ride and participants braved the heat in their woollen fashion all in the name of charity.

Bikes Without Borders is a charitable organization that provides bikes to people around the world for positive change and Toronto was one of many cities to raise money for the worthy cause (similar rides were organized in Paris, Moscow, London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo and Vancouver to name a few).

TorontoVerve peddled with the fashionable group to capture their extraordinary street style and learn what the ride meant to them.


"It's my first Tweed Ride and I wanted to wear something elegant. These are the clothes I typically wear day-to-day -- usually not altogether like this, but it's a special occasion. My favourite piece is this vintage hat. I just love the flower in it. I found it on eBay for $20."


"Today I would describe my style as cobbled together but fun. It's my first Tweed Ride."

Glen (left), Cole (Centre)

Glen: "I would describe what I'm wearing as Highland daywear. The Duke of Windsor inspired my look. This is my third Tweed Ride."

Cole: "I'm wearing a classic English country suit with 4 buttons. I had it cut for myself years ago because I always liked the look of it. When I heard about the Ride, I just had to wear it."


"Today my style is eclectic. This is my mom's dress, scarf that I bought, hat that was given to me and a bracelet from Florence. I pick up things along my way and put them together to tell a story. I've participated in all the Tweed Rides because I love the Bikes Without Borders cause. The Tweed Ride is also a nice way to come together with Cycle Toronto and celebrate bikes and fashion."

Check out Amanda's blog Girl About Toronto. "It's all about covering arts and culture in the city."


"This is my first Tweed Ride and I had a good time. It's fun to dress up in Toronto and ride through the city."


"My style today is a mixture of different periods because I was having trouble sticking to one. I like them all. So apparently my dress is from the 50's and my hat is from earlier. I helped organize the Tweed Ride so this is my third outing. Seeing everyone participate was so heart-warming for me because it just means that we're fundraising more and more for the work that we do. From a fashion perspective, the Tweed Run is a fascinating entity because it gives adults a platform to dress in vintage and celebrate vintage, and I don't think there's much else event-wise that's out there for people to do that -- at least I haven't heard of one. It's like Halloween for adults except tasteful and fashionable."

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