Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It was a year ago today when we first featured Natasha's street style in Yorkville so it was only fitting that we meet again for Round 2.

Natasha: "My style is influenced a lot by Coco Chanel -- her style was simple and sophisticated. At night, you'll often find me wearing a little black dress, inspired by her 1920's designs, and by day, I prefer wearing short colourful dresses that show off my toned legs."

Natasha is a fitness enthusiast and will soon begin a rigorous training session to further strengthen her body. "I love working-out," she says. "It's always important to set goals for yourself and working-out gives me that sense of accomplishment.  I feel stronger, which makes me feel more confident and sexy."

Natasha believes in living life to fullest and patterns her lifestyle according to the film Eat, Pray, Love, based on Elizabeth Gilbert's novel about a woman who travels across Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself. "The film made me do a lot of self-reflection," Natasha explains. "We shouldn't always live by the rules. Sometimes we have to follow our passion. That's why I'm committed to fitness. It's been a passion of mine since I was a little girl."

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Dress: Ted Baker (London)
Purse: Celine
Shoes: Gucci

* Special thanks to Bernd Tragert and Rob Tadeson of the historic P312 Fire Station for accommodating our Verve shoot.

* * *