Wednesday, July 23, 2014


"My summer style is usually rock 'n' roll, but today I'm looking kinda sharp wearing this fluorescent jacket. And to mess things up a bit, I'm wearing a netted punk tank top. I got my Wonder Woman cuffs on because I always wear them. I broke my foot that's why I have the big boot, but I'm happy at least that it's black and matches my black shoes."

Katie is an illustrator and you can check out her Facebook and Twitter to view her drawings, which she describes as "dark, but I'm trying to lighten them up."

We previously captured Katie's mod and boyish street styles.

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  1. As stunningly and vividly outstanding as Toronto's sky piercing towers, I can let my mind play tricks and imagine a rolling film reel in the background - a city evolving and revolving in a loop just behind her...'She', both the beautiful city and beautiful Katie, seem to really be looking right at you. Piercing indeed!