Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TIFF Inspirations: Driven to Madness

Driven to Madness*
Special Presentation
USA, 2013
World Premiere
114 minutes - Colour
Cast: Adam Crosby

In this highly-anticipated sequel to the heart-pounding thriller Drive, a beaten Driver returns to the City of Angels after 4 weeks of seclusion to discover that his beloved Irene and her son Benicio have been kidnapped by Chicago crime-boss, Tony Rizzo (the mobster who was robbed in the previous film's million dollar heist). Believing that Driver has his stolen cash, Rizzo uses the mother and son as leverage to get his money back from the former stunt man. But, things go horribly wrong and a bloodied Driver must ultimately risk his own life to save an orphaned Benicio from the clutches of a mad man. Driven to Madness is the gut-wrenching tale of an emotionally desolate man's last chance for redemption in a city not known to forgive.

* This is my tribute to the Toronto International Film Festival. It is not a real film.

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