Monday, January 7, 2013

Naro: Model Off Duty

This is the third time that I've shot Naro's cool street style.

Just a few days ago, she moved to New York City to further pursue her career in modelling and prepare for NY Fashion Week.

I took this last opportunity to learn a little more about the talented model.

Naro: "My style is funky. I admire Miranda Kerr because she has a way of putting things together. Her style is tasteful, elegant and very womanly. I do it on a budget. I mean I'm working hard to get somewhere. I always tell my friends that when I have the money, my wardrobe will be amazing, but I think at any range of pricing, you can find good pieces.

I shop a lot at thrift stores like Value Village, but I also love French Connection and Zara -- I actually bought this vest at Zara on sale a few years back."

TorontoVerve: "So you're moving to New York?"

Naro: "I hoping it's permanent, but I'll come back. There are more clients and work there. New York Fashion Week is in February -- so I'll jump right into castings, which will be hell in winter."

TorontoVerve: "You must be excited about the move."

Naro: "I'm excited. My friends tell me that I should be more excited, but I am inside. I've done it once before so I feel more comfortable moving there the second time. I know my way around and what needs to be done."

You can follow Naro's fashion exploits on Twitter @ItsMeNaro.

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