Friday, November 2, 2012

Melissa: 60's Mod À La Pink Tartan

Melissa's sharp retro look quickly caught our attention at Pink Tartan.

"Right now my style is very 60's mod-inspired. I love Twiggy so that's where my hair is coming from. I keep cutting it shorter and shorter. My real inspiration is Kimberly Newport-Mimran, our founder and  designer at Pink Tartan. She's really done a great job of taking the 60's look and making it modern for women today."


  1. Love everything about her look - very Andre Courreges inspired!

  2. Finally, an original chic look in Toronto. Beat this New York !!

  3. Very sleek outfit. It suits her hair style and her body. I adore it on her. Surely a chic style.
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