Saturday, July 21, 2012

Molly: Jammin' to Peggy

"My style is fairly out there and loud.  Peggy Bundy is my jam."

Molly is a costume and puppet designer and you can see her creations on her website Molly Fashion Dolly.

Incidentally, I previously shot Molly this past winter riding her bike on Queen Street West.


  1. Seems at every turn Molly has a halo of wacky urbanity about her from city trees to city signs and even condo glass behind...On Flyer, white walled tires and all - Spin 'Toronto' indeed! She's a dynamo - a checkered Betty and Veronica all in one.

  2. LOVE those high-waisted shorts! I'm coveting them....

  3. She is adorable! Those are some kick-ass awesome shorts...

  4. I discovered your blog today through lisbon cycle chic. It is amazing.. too much photos from last years for one evening, but i will return :)
    I love cycle street style, so my favorite post are those with tag bikes :)