Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tennille: New Beginnings Pt.1

The new year is a time for new beginnings.  2012 brings us new ideas, new goals and new hopes.  So to mark the occasion, actress Tennille Read shares her intimate thoughts in this Casa Loma pictorial.  

"Nature has always been a place where I can regroup and feel real peace.  I'm probably the most introverted actor alive and when I find I'm overstimulated or overwhelmed by people or my work, the tranquility, vastness, detail and beauty of the outdoors has a way of grounding and inspiring me again." 

"At this time of year especially, taking a long walk outside gives me space to reflect and recollect my past year and renew and re-inspire my goals for the next.  It's a magical time of year, full of potential and imagination and a place like Casa Loma sparks that kind of magic and richness of possibility and thinking BIG!"

Happy New Year!


  1. love the top dress, a great black !

  2. The dress with the Rennie-MacIntosh motif is great.