Monday, July 11, 2011

Lauren: 21st Century Mod

Lauren borrowed her chic 80's retro style from an unknown reality-TV star.

Who said reality-TV serves no good purpose?

So I held out as long as I could about not watermarking my photos.  I felt it intruded on the artistry of the photos (I know, sounds pretentious), but after seeing my photos unexpectedly turn up on blogs without crediting moi or TorontoVerve, I relented.

How do you feel about watermarks on photos?


  1. Love her look!

    RE: watermarking your photos - Good for you! You took them, not the "plagiarizers".

  2. No issues with the watermarking. It's very discreet.

  3. Watermark away - save the pilfers the effort of having to go through, what seems to be for them, an onerous exercise...?(sic)

    Good move Nigel!

    The colors of the store fronts across the street in the first picture are almost candy-like or like Lego colors. I also like what seems to be a unique Toronto bike 'lean' against utility poles...Is there a shortage of substantial city bike stands? To me it adds to a casual cool of the city.

  4. Ah jdit, I always love your comments. I'm thinking of adding a page to my blog called "jdit comments". Your eloquent words deserve a spot of their own.

    Thanks again...

  5. Will I need to watermark them...? (jest)
    Keep on shooting.

    I will visit soon again!