Monday, June 6, 2011

Runway Renee in the Square

International model and blogcaster, Renee Thompson (AKA Runway Renee), ignites Dundas Square in her sexy spring look.

If you're looking for behind-the-scenes access to her photoshoots, check out her site Reel2Runway.


  1. I've seen similar madras print shirts/shorts/deck shoes around TO this summer. Guess the 80's J.Crew madras style has come back around. She rocks it.

  2. Nigel your work is enticing and exciting and truly seems to capture a Toronto-centric essence.

    I wonder if you are familiar with:'s First Annual Photo Blog Awards?
    Each one of the top 20 uniquely represent and define their focus. Your work is obviously an unfortunate omission there. Gotta find out how to get you there, Toronto on their map and your eye on the world stage!

    Keep clicking man!

  3. jdit: Thanks again for noticing my efforts to showcase Toronto's essence. And your compliment about my omission on's First Annual Photo Blog Awards is beyond flattering.

    Like you, I believe that Toronto's street style deserves to be put on the world stage and I'll work hard with my fellow Toronto style bloggers to make that happen.

    More importantly, your appreciation (along with others) makes this all worthwhile for me.

    Cheers, brother!!!