Saturday, April 16, 2011

#BIWINNING in Toronto: Charlie Sheen's Walk for Bipolar Awareness

Not surprisingly, Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth shows at Massey Hall were followed by incredibly bad reviews; however, the big surprise came early yesterday morning when the unpredictable star tweeted: "Bipolar Awareness Walk!!  Come join me at 6pm and walk with me from The Ritz Carlton to Massey Hall..!  Show your support..!!  #BIWINNING" 

As expected, the tweet went viral and many devoted fans descended on the Ritz to march with their favourite warlock.

Before leading the crowd through the streets, Sheen announced that he would be generously matching each dollar donated to the cause (oddly, there were no noticeable donation collectors).

Sheen walking arm and arm with his "goddesses" (Rachel Oberline and Natalie Kenly) on Yonge Street towards Massey Hall.

Whether the walk achieved its philanthropic purpose is a mystery, but it was certainly a strategic diversion from the show's bad press.  I guess Charlie Sheen is #WINNING after all.

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  1. And such a great colour blue works for him!