Saturday, January 1, 2011

Verve Shoot: "Resolutions" Featuring Amber Joliat

It's a brand new year, which means that many people will be making resolutions to keep fit and eat healthy.  Yoga and pilates instructor Amber Joliat of Misfit Studio just may have the prescription to help motivate you.

"I am interested in applying creativity and imagination to the world of yoga and pilates that includes blending the two practises to achieve a full mind body experience, while shifting the boundaries of what people might expect."

"Occasionally I'll play loud rock music, which adds a tougher style to my men-only class called 'Broga'.  For new mothers, I have an excellent class coined "BabyMama", which incorporates babies into the workout."

Amber's goal is to create a warm and welcoming space that personalizes to each of her client's needs at Misfit Studio.

"Keeping in shape is a lifestyle.  I keep strong and active by riding my bike almost year-round, dancing with friends and teaching daily yoga and pilates classes."

"I like the idea of eating something alive or that was once alive.  It feels good to eat clean and fresh and drink plenty of water.  I don't really live life by restrictions.  Indulgences are important and knowing that everything in moderation is fine."

"My style, like most things, has evolved over the years.  I have a true love of old world fashion, which draws me to vintage clothing for personal expression.  I do like experimenting with layers and textures -- finding inspiration from glamour, film noir and gritty rock n' roll.  Often I'll add a layer or a piece to an outfit for that element of charm."

"I have a passion for shopping and Toronto has some great vintage shops and there is nothing like New York, London and San Francisco for digging.  Also, Santa Barbara for amazing ghetto gold!!!

Knowing a garment or pair of shoes is one of a kind and has already lived a life intrigues me."

For more information about Misfit Studio and Amber Joliat's Yoga and Pilates classes, visit her blog.

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